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How does the YAYZY app work?*

*Currently supports UK accounts only, watch this space for when we're available in your country

Track your carbon
footprint automatically

YAYZY links to your bank account to automatically calculate the carbon footprint of your purchases and help you keep your monthly emissions in line with United Nations 2 degree target.

Become carbon neutral

Compensate the impact of all unavoidable purchase decisions with the tap of a button. Select from a list of certified carbon offsetting projects, that deliver real impact to become carbon neutral or subscribe to offset automatically.

Reduce the impact on
the environment

YAYZY helps you easily integrate sustainability into your everyday life and get guidance on simple things you can do to make your daily life more eco-friendly.

Track your carbon footprint automatically with the YAYZY app*

*Currently supports UK accounts only, watch this space for when we're available in your country

Link your bank account to track and offset the carbon footprint of every purchase in real-time.


made easy

Use YAYZY to:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint from your bank account 

  • Understand what your carbon footprint means 

  • Keep track of the impact of your purchases 

  • Offset with ApplePay, Mastercard or Visa to become carbon neutral

  • Get tips to reduce your impact 

  • Discover eco-friendly retailers 


YAYZY app is secure

and encrypted

Why do I need to link my bank account? 

This removes the need for you to input any data so you can easily get a bespoke carbon footprint.


  • Your data is your property it never leaves your phone

  • You are in control. You can revoke access anytime

  • We use bank level security with read-only access

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The best thing to come out of open banking

An essential app for those trying to do their bit for the planet, YAYZY is fantastically innovative use of open banking to identify and track the carbon footprint of your lifestyle and mitigate it through the lifestyle changes, better consumer choices and high quality offsets.

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Invest in your future*

Soon you would also be able to invest in companies that actively fight climate change. Do not compromise investment returns and make a positive impact in the planet.

*Release planned Q1 2021.

Our conquest towards climate change 

Developed game changing technology to track and offset the carbon footprint of your purchases and released a beta app for UK bank accounts

Created a community of 1,500+ climate heroes that are acting against climate change everyday 

Helping remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and advancing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Tropical Leaves

We are creating a universe of financial products centered around sustainability so you can unlock positive environmental impact

Join us in this journey

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What's next

Connect multiple accounts, offset with the YAYZY climate portfolio, discover eco-friendly retailers and compete with your friends

Launch the android version and expand to continental Europe

Introducing eco-friendly investments so that you can grow your money and protect the environment

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