WHY climate action?

We have 10 years to cut our carbon emissions in half. Failing that would lead to catastrophic consequences, ranging from threatened food security, new diseases to infrastructure loss and more. Climate change affects every aspect of the world that we live in an there are measurable impacts of it in the world today.


Yet, there are no easy means to track, monitor and reduce our carbon footprint to effortlessly act against climate change.


Want to stop unsustainable fossil fuel burning? Want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock? Take control of where your money goes.  


Money touches everything. By helping you control where your money goes through your spending and investments you can help curb unsustainable practices and unluck positive impact.


Having better information is the first step to creating a big impact. We’ve built technology that let you know your carbon footprint and effortlessly act against climate change. So when each of us is better informed, we can collectively steer towards a carbon neutral planet.


We believe in a world we can assess effortlessly the impact to the environment of buying a pizza, flying to Paris or investing our savings. We believe in a carbon neutral future where our children and grandchildren can enjoy nature and live safely as we do today.

Meet the TEAM

Mankaran, Cris and Pedro created YAYZY during a business accelerator program in London. YAYZY was born in the Summer 2019 as a result of deep exploration to resolve the climate change crisis using the latest financial and information technologies.

Mankaran Ahluwalia, CEO

Has six years of insurtech experience as a technology analyst with Infosys and built a lending platform for alternate credit. Mankaran holds an MBA from Oxford University.

Cristian Dan, CTO

Senior full-stack developer and ex-CTO at Stint. Holds an MSc in Computer Science at UBB.

Pedro Cabrero, CFO

Has seven years of equity sales and trading experience for UBS and Citigroup. Co-founded an online pharmacy. Holds a MSc in Finance from London Business School.


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Antler is a global early-stage VC firm that builds and invests in groundbreaking technology companies.

The UK's Government Global Entrepreneurship Programme (GEP) offers mentoring and business support to non-UK founders to help them set up and scale their business from a UK global headquarters.

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Mayor of London's London & Partners help overseas companies set up in the city, empower businesses to scale across the capital and enable London-based organisations to expand internationally.

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