Frequently Asked Questions

What is YAYZY?

YAYZY is a fintech platform that makes it easy to live a sustainable lifestyle. YAYZY helps you understand your carbon footprint and guides you to reduce and offset it effortlessly. Use YAYZY to:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint automatically
  • Understand what your carbon footprint means
  • Keep track of the impact of your purchases
  • Become carbon neutral with offsets
  • Get tips to reduce your impact
  • Discover eco-friendly retailers

Is the YAYZY app free?

YAYZY is free and has to be free, we’re on a mission to making sustainability easy and removing all barriers to help reduce humankind’s impact to the environment.

How does YAYZY make money?

YAYZY sells carbon offsets to help people reduce their impact on the environment. YAYZY takes a small fee of £0.0015 per 1kg of carbon offsets. So, if you offset 1,000kgs YAYZY's fees will only be £1.5.

Our pricing model is cheap, easy to understand and transparent. Additionally, all carbon offset projects are treated equally which aligns interests.

The fees are reinvested in the development of climate technology to help everyone reduce their carbon emissions, become carbon neutral and avoid environmental impact. We’re a for profit organization because we believe for profits have more tools to tackle the biggest problems humankind face.

What’s my carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHG) released into the atmosphere as a result of your activities and lifestyle. Your carbon footprint is the best estimate you can get of your impact to climate change. It is measured in kilograms of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (kg CO2e).

What’s should my carbon budget be?

Your carbon budget is the amount of greenhouse gases, measured in kilograms, that you set as your individual upper limit per month. For your reference, an average British person emits 800 kilograms of greenhouse gases per month. In order to be below the global budget of a temperature increase of 2°C by 2050, every person on earth should be limited to 191kg per month (2.3 tonnes per year). However, we should all aim to be climate positive and help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How does the carbon footprint calculation work?

Your carbon footprint is related to your lifestyle. YAYZY developed an innovative algorithm that uses your bank account transactions to calculate your carbon footprint. To calculate your monthly carbon footprint, we estimate the emissions of each of your transactions and we sum it all together.

The carbon footprint of each transaction results from multiplying the amount spent of each payment transaction times the corresponding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity factor on a product, company or sub-category level.

Money spent * GHG emission intensity factor = Carbon Footprint

YAYZY Carbon Footprint Algo © sources Green House Gas intensity factors from multiple renown sustainability data providers such as UK Government Guidelines for Carbon Footprint reporting, Exiobase and United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In case you would like to learn more or contribute knowledge, please reach out to

What are carbon offsets and how they fight climate change?

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Carbon offsets are created by carbon offset organizations that prevent and remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere and verified by greatly renowned institutions.

YAYZY works with the leading organizations across the planet that create the biggest positive impact on the environment and on society. Projects consist on protecting forests, using agriculture methods that remove carbon, clean energy generation and capturing carbon straight from the air. Check YAYZY’s carbon offset projects in the Offsets screen of the YAYZY app.

In case you want to learn more or suggest adding an innovative and impactful carbon offset project please reach out to

Is it good enough to only offset my carbon footprint to fight climate change?

No! 🙉 Offsetting your carbon footprint do help prevent emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere. However, the best solution to fight climate change is avoid emitting carbon and other greenhouse gases on the first place.

The biggest contributors to your personal carbon footprint are fossil-fuel heavy transportation such as flights, fossil-fuel heavy electricity and red-meat-intensive meals. So, to help fight climate change try reducing your flight travel, switch to a green electricity provider and introduce a meat and dairy free day per week. Also help spread out knowledge with your family and friends.

Try to reduce your footprint by fine-tuning your lifestyle and shopping wisely. And become climate neutral or climate positive by offsetting the purchases you can’t avoid like flying back home for Christmas. YAYZY is here to help 😊

Why do I need to link my bank account?

Your carbon footprint is related to your lifestyle, which in-turn depends on how you spend your money. Connecting your bank or credit card gives us access to your transactions, which we use to calculate your carbon footprint.

We want to make climate action as effortless as possible for you. By linking your bank account or credit card, you can automatically start tracking your personal carbon footprint –no input required from you and connect your spending to its impact on the planet in real-time. That is amazing!

Linking your account is completely secure and safe:

  • Your data is completely secure: We use bank level encryption and security with a view-only access to your transactions. We do not see your login details.
  • Your data is yours: We do not sell your data to third parties or use it to sell you any third-party products.
  • You are in control: You can revoke access at any time.
  • FCA registered: YAYZY is on the Financial Conduct Authority register (Reference number: 923191)

How safe is YAYZY app?

Protecting and keeping your data safe is our highest priority. We operate to the same security standards as your bank, you can think about using YAYZY the same way you think about using your bank’s mobile app. We use a technology called “Open Banking” which is operated by all big European banks. In addition, your bank or credit card login details are never stored in our systems. As safe as it gets!

Bank Grade Encryption

YAYZY uses several state-of-the-art security measures, including the same end-to-end 256-bit TLS encryption used by all major banks.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

YAYZY is on the FCA register (ref: 923191) and has been approved by the FCA to act as a regulated agent of TrueLayer . This means that TrueLayer, which is authorised by the FCA (reference number 901096), is providing YAYZY the regulated account information service. In the meantime, YAYZY is in the process of getting its own account information service license from the FCA under Payment Services Regulations and expects to get so soon.

View Only Access

We have access to your data in read-only mode. This means we cannot make any changes to your account, including initiating any payments. Our app only "views" the information that you authorise use to.

Registered with the Information Commissioner’s OfficeCO Registered
We are also registered with the ICO. Our Data Protection Registration Number is: ZA658008

Security Veterans Team
Our team has world class experience building security in financial platforms.

What is TrueLayer?

YAYZY uses TrueLayer Account Information Services to link your bank account. TrueLayer is a renown fintech based in London. We’ve chosen to work with them because we believe they are the safest and have the best infrastructure.

If you’re interested in learning more about them visit TrueLayer website and check how TrueLayer handles security.

YAYZY is acting as an agent of Truelayer and has been approved by the FCA to be so. This means that Truelayer, which is authorised by the FCA (reference number 901096), is providing YAYZY the regulated account information service.

What do I do if my bank account is not supported?

In order to use YAYZY, you will need to connect a current account, savings account or credit card account. Most bank accounts and credit cards are supported, but unfortunately if your bank account is not supported you will not be able to use the app.

If your bank account is not supported leave us a comment in our community forum and we’ll look into integrate it as soon as possible.

How do I unlink my bank account?

If you would like to disconnect your bank account from YAYZY:

  • Click on “Account Settings” button in the top right corner of Home or My Impact
  • Tap on “Accounts”
  • Click on “Delete Bank”.

This deletes all the data the YAYZY app has of your bank permanently and revokes all permisions granted.

How do I delete my YAYZY account?

We would like to have a chance to solve the issue you have before you go, please email us at If you want to delete your YAYZY account:

  • Click on “Account Settings” button in the top right corner of Home or My Impact
  • Tap on “Delete Account”
  • Click on “Yes, delete my account”.

This deletes all the data the YAYZY app has of your bank permanently and your account details information.

Can I connect multiple accounts?

Currently YAYZY only supports connecting one account but we’re working hard so that you can connect multiple accounts to have a comprehensive view of your impact to the environment.

Can I change a transaction category?

Having correct transaction classification is crucial to calculate accurate carbon footprint estimations. In case a transaction is categorized incorrectly tap on the transaction to see the transaction details, then type on the transaction category” and edit category and subcategory.

What's YAYZY sustainability rating?

The YAYZY rating is an easy to understand, one to five rating of a retailers’ sustainability efforts. It is designed to help you assess the sustainability efforts of retailers as purchase criteria.

YAYZY uses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) third party data bases and publicly available data that helps you evaluate the implementation of sustainability best practices. We focus on four main pillars:

  1. Carbon
  2. Governance
  3. Sustainability
  4. Procurement

Carbon: efforts to reduce absolute emissions, reduce emissions revenue intensity and carbon offsetting. We use 3 key criteria and check the implementation of 4 certifications.

Governance: transparency and policy implementation towards building a better future. We use 8 key criteria and check the implementation of 12 certifications.

Sustainability: efforts towards maximizing resource efficiency and creating circular economies. We use 7 key criteria and check the implementation of 9 certifications.

Procurement: highest ethical & sustainability standards in product & ingredient sourcing. We use 9 key criteria and check the implementation of 30 certifications.

We classify retailers into subcategories, define the sustainability criteria that apply to each subcategory, calculate a max score per category and assign a one to five rating.

Which countries is YAYZY available?

The YAYZY beta app is currently available in the 🇬🇧 UK. We’re planning to expand to continental Europe, US and Canada soon. Drop us a message in our community forum and tell us where which country you would like to be supported. Keep your belts tight and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

How do you use my data?

  • To calculate your carbon footprint
  • To improve our transaction categorization engine, so the little coffee shop in the countryside can accurately be classified as a coffee shop.
  • That’s all! 😊

Do you sell my data?

Your data is your property, we do not sell it to any third parties and do not use it to sell you any third-party products.

Do you store my online banking login details?

No. We don’t view or have access to your login details. YAYZY uses the Open Banking technology to manage the connection to your account. This connection is completely secure and encrypted and this technology is used by more than 2 million people in the UK.

If I connect my account, what data will you have access to?

The YAYZY app will have read-only access to your account and transaction details – including direct debits and standing orders. We cannot initiate any transactions or payments.

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