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Track and offset the carbon footprint of every purchase in real-time.

TRACK and REDUCE your impact to the environment effortlessly 

​YAYZY helps you easily integrate sustainability in everyday life and get guidance on simple things you can do to make your daily life more Eco-friendly.

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TRACK your carbon footprint


Get a personalized monthly carbon footprint and take a stand against climate change. 

YAYZY links to your bank account to automatically calculate the carbon footprint of your purchases and help you keep your monthly emissions in line with United Nations 2 degree target.

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REDUCE your carbon footprint


Discover eco-friendly retailers around you so your purchase has a smaller carbon footprint to begin with. Get personalized suggestions on actions to reduce your footprint.

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BECOME carbon neutral

Counter the impact of all unavoidable purchase decisions with the tap of a button.


Select from a list of certified carbon offsetting projects, that deliver real impact and advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to become carbon neutral. Subscribe or offset on the go.

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Live the sustainable lifestyle you’ve imagined. With YAYZY.

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