Nii Kaniti

The Nii Kaniti project works with seven indigenous communities to conserve 127,000 hectares of threatened forest in the Peruvian Amazon.


This project focuses on protecting rainforest and avoiding deforestation on community land 


It integrates conservation activities that put a value on indigenous-led development with FSC certified timber extraction and cacao agroforestry.


Measurable Impact


2.5 million tonnes of CO2emissions avoided until 2021.


127,000 hectares of threatened forest protected.


3 threatened speciesprotected, the jaguar, the blue-headed macaw and the tapir.

Climate finance provides investments into local communities and support for local enterprises that protect the forest, including two women’s projects which use forest resources in producing crafts from the forest.

FSC certified timber - the first indigenous FSC programme in the world and first FSC programme in Peru.




The Nii Kaniti project advances many Sustainable Development Goals

The Nii Kaniti project is validated by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS project ID 1360) and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard (CCB) to the gold level for both biodiversity and also adaptation

How It Works

Climate finance is developing two business lines that support restoration of degraded areas with both native timber plantations and fine, aromatic cacao-based agroforestry systems.

A total of 480 hectares of previously deforested land for cattle grazing within the communities’ territory is being reforested with native cacao species under agroforestry systems (180 ha) and native timber species (300 ha).

The economic activities currently developed by indigenous peoples are not part of broader value chains and export markets. Climate finance provides necessary funding to integrate local businesses into better national and international value chains and export markets creating local sustainable enterprises that are sustained beyond the project.

The project is specifically protecting three threatened species - the jaguar, the blue-headed macaw and the tapir. Through activities to address deforestation and degradation, critical, tropical rainforest habitat is being conserved.

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