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Climate action in the hands of a billion people

Yayzy is more than an app. It is a mission

Safeguard our planet
We want to stand on the frontline to protect our ecosystems, protect our resources & protect mother earth
Leave a positive legacy
We want you to be confident that your actions are creating a positive and long-lasting impact on the world
Live in a carbon-neutral world
We want balance. We strive to see the mindsets of humanity change in a way that encourages climate action

Redefine sustainability innovation

Our vision is to see the needs of our planet met. We want to live in a world where everybody flies the flag of sustainability & works to safeguard our planet. We dream of a world where children can grow up understanding the wonders of nature & nurture its growth as opposed to contributing to its demise.“We dream of a world where being ‘Yayzy’ is bigger than an app. It is a lifestyle”

Be a touchpoint with the planet

Our mission is to put climate action into the hands of over a billion people. We want to walk alongside people with vision - people who want to create a positive impact. We will act as a guide to make sure you feel confident that your actions are leaving a positive legacy for your future & the future of your loved ones

We all have a sustainability story

The founders

‘Her farm was quite impressive; she grew potatoes, okra, onions, tomatoes  (the list was endless). I always wondered how they grew. When I asked my grandmother how it worked, she’d say ‘love & magic’
Mankaran Ahulwalia
Co-Founder & CEO

Mankaran studied a Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Oxford. Mankaran cares about all things sustainability. He is the first to remind you that the little things like bringing your own bag for groceries and turning off your power when you’re not using it matter

‘I will never ever forget my 9th birthday. Every single month for a year, my mother would save some of her pay so that she could give me the gift that kept on giving. I still have that bike to this day.’
Cristian Dan
Co-Founder & CTO

Cristian has a Masters Degree in Distributed Computing and Systems in Internet from Universitatea Babes-Bolayi. Cris is a self-driven software engineer with strong technical and communication skills. He is passionate about finding more ways to use technology to create a more eco-friendly world

‘After I had graduated from university, he came to my room & gave me a collection of what he called his ‘super-powered shirts’. He said, “I always wore one of these when I wanted to close a deal at work & they never let me down.’
Pedro Cabrero
Co-Founder & CFO

Pedro studied a Master’s in Finance at London Business School and previously worked for UBS Investment Bank. He’s eager to leave a legacy behind–by harnessing finetech and environment science, he pushes towards a cleaner and carbon neutral future

Our advisors

Dr. Sangwon Suh
Chief Environmental
Nainan Shah
Partner Interactive
Ollie Purdue
Partner at Antler
Mehdi Doghri
Save Your Wardrobe
Eros Resmini
Managing Partner
The Mini Fund

Our partners

The team

Angel Jaime
Chief Product Officer
Junior Product Manager
Pragya Priyadarshini
Product Designer
Haridian Diaz
Product Designer
Senior Product Designer
Priscilla Oshunremi
Head of community and Social Media
Adam Gray
Senior Product Designer
Simran Mahana
Content & Video Production Intern
Dheeraj Gussain
Front End Developer
Milind Yadav
Software Developer
Amar Domkawle
Backend Developer