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about Yayzy

what is Yayzy?
how does Yayzy make money?
what’s my carbon footprint?
what should my carbon budget be?
how does the carbon footprint calculation work?
what is Yayzy's sustainability rating?

Yayzy app

is the Yayzy app free?
why do I need to link my bank account?
how safe is the Yayzy app?
how do you use my data?
do you sell my data?
if I connect my account, what data will you have access to?
do you store my online banking login details?
what is TrueLayer?
what do I do if my bank account is not supported?
how do I delete my bank account?
how do I delete my Yayzy account?
can I connect multiple accounts?
can I change a transaction category?
which countries is the Yayzy app available in?

about subscriptions

why subscribe?
what happens once I subscribe?
what’s the difference between neutral, positive and hero?
how do I cancel or modify my subscription?
how can I be sure these projects are really stopping climate change?
how can Yayzy prove my contribution is going to the projects?

about offsets

what are carbon offsets and how do they fight climate change?
is only offsetting my carbon footprint enough?

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