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40 Ways To Fight Climate Change During The Heatwave

July 19, 2022

London is heating up! Temperatures are set to reach 40+ degrees and it is a reminder that we must take the fight against climate change seriously. We can be a part of a revolution that changes our planet for the better - the time to act is now.

Here are 40 things that you can do to take action on climate change

  1. Download Yayzy and learn about your impact.

  1. Learn about plastic pollution and how it’s affecting stuff like our food, oceans, and environment.

  1. Stop impulse buying. Only buy what you need.

  1. Try mending things before you replace them.

  1. Sell or give away things that you don’t need.

  1. Go outside and connect with nature to remind yourself of its value.

  1. Recycle items when you can (read labels to guide how to recycle them properly).

  1. Dispose of things properly; don’t litter.

  1. Use apps like Olio or Too Good to Go to pass on the food you don’t want or to get food for free/cheap.

  1. Wear what’s in your wardrobe! Use inventory-style apps like Whering to help you manage this.

  1. Try using eco-friendly shopping web extensions like Beagle Button to ensure you’re shopping sustainably online.

  1. Follow and support leaders in the climate action space.

  1. Join sustainability-focused community groups.

  1. Watch an impactful documentary, to help strengthen your knowledge. Blue Planet is highly recommended.

  1. Stop buying shipped water and opt for eco-friendly cleaning products like Homethings.

  1. If you’re a business, green proof your PR by hiring the right agencies for your communication; we recommend 181 Street or Dark Green PR.

  1. Avoid plastic chewing gum and go for plant-based options like Nuud.

  1. Balance your diet and introduce more seasonal veg and plant-based options like THIS, Heura or Beyond Meat.

  1. Compensate for your impact using the Yayzy app.

  1. Boycott things like single-use plastic bottles. They aren’t good for the environment.

  1. Learn more about how to live a more circular life.

  1. Before your buy clothes, check on apps like

  1. Manage your energy in the most planet-friendly way by using YoYu (you’ll save some money too!)

  1. The weather is warm so opt to walk and leave the car at home.

  1. Move your furniture around so you can utilise natural light.

  1. Manage your water usage by using what you need and turning off the tap when not in use.

  1. Dry your laundry outside.

  1. Transform your scraps into nutritious soil by composting.

  1. Use Yayzy to find out your carbon footprint.

  1. Buy eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty & cosmetic products. Use Think Dirty to find the right products.

  1. Take action in your spare time! For example, you can use apps like Treeapp to plant a tree daily.

  1. Plant a tree while you’re browsing the internet. Switch to Ecosia as you’re designated search engine

  1. Opt for a reusable water bottle. You can use Refill to find fill-up points.

  1. When out shopping, take your reusable bags with you.

  1. Try cycling to places instead of driving.

  1. Support local shops & it can help you reduce transport time and reduce emissions.

  1. Talk to kids and young people in your life about climate change. The earlier they hear about it, the easier it is to integrate action into their lives.

  1. Encourage your workplaces to adopt more sustainable initiatives.

  1. Consume more climate-focused content like books and podcasts.

  1. Share ideas with startups in this space. Help with user testing sessions and share feedback as you use their technology.

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