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Climate Action, In Action

July 25, 2022

We are fortunate to be partners with some awe-inspiring projects that have an enormous impact on the planet and are helping people lower their emissions. When you compensate for your impact, you support climate action initiatives like the following:

The Musi Hydro Power Plant project, which powers 1,034,690 homes with clean energy, and has avoided 847,020 tonnes of CO2e!

The Peruvian Amazon Forest Protection project! This has protected 635,020,000 trees, supported 40,000 Amazonian indigenous people and sequestered 951,133 tonnes of CO2e.

Another incredible one is the Agricultural Carbon Storage project, which has increased harvest production on 21,966 hectares of farmland and provided increased food security to 30,000 families.

There is the Cardamom Forest Conservation project which has protected 465,839 hectares of the forest!

This is climate action! Every offset helps us make a positive turn away from the negative impacts of climate change.Keep up with the support, and remember every single penny matters! You are the change the world needs.

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