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How To Be On-Trend & Sustainable This Festival Season

July 11, 2022

It is that time of the year! Following a crazy period dealing with the pandemic, concerts and festivals have been rescheduled, and people can go back to enjoying those moments with friends and family.

One thing that festival season is known for is the eclectic outfits, the bright colours and the desire to stand out. Fashion holds a precious space in the hearts of many people, so how can we embody it and express who we are whilst being environmentally conscious?

Our first advice would be to look at what you already have in your wardrobe. Many people believe that there has to be this transition that involves getting rid of all fast fashion products and replacing them with sustainable ones, but this isn’t true. The important thing is to approach your future shopping sustainably. If you need new pieces, we advise you to do the following:

  • Avoid shopping things that are ‘in season’ for the sake of being on-trend; instead, look for timeless pieces that can be worn repeatedly.
  • Quality over everything! Avoid synthetics and opt for natural fibres. Check the credentials of the brands and reviews on quality. Sites like are great.
  • Don’t turn your nose down on pre-loved clothing. There are lots of beautiful pieces available on platforms like Depop, Vinted and Thrift that showcase lovely second-hand pieces that you can buy. Remember, circularity is important.

You can still be on-trend

Be confident in your style! You don’t need to overly fixate on what brands are telling you in trendy, be true to the styles you like, the colours, the cuts and find your own way to express yourself using clothing. The fast fashion industry has around 52 micro seasons a year! This means staying on trend could be extremely pricey. If a trend comes up that you love, we would redirect you to platforms like Whering, your online digitised wardrobe that allows you to style looks with what you already have.

People are becoming more conscious

The pandemic brought many issues, but if there was one positive takeaway, it would be the shift in consumer curiosities. A survey conducted by Accenture found that 60% of people felt like they had ‘dramatically evolved’ and were making more environmentally friendly, sustainable & ethical purchases. People have had time to think and realise that our health, our future and our planet’s needs matter, so the next step is exploring how to be active in the fight against climate change. People are asking questions, researching what goes in their food and what’s in their skincare products - it doesn’t differ for fashion; social influencers like Venetia La Manna and platforms like Fashion Revolution show an interest in breaking away from fast fashion.

It isn’t a trade-off; you can be sustainable and trendy.

Festival season is so fun! All the colours, designs, music and feel-good vibes! Being sustainable doesn’t mean you can’t participate. There is an app called Nuw that allows you to swap clothes! You and others can swap your pre-loved festival fashion pieces to make the perfect outfit. Another advice is to upcycle any pieces you have; if you follow the likes of Lydia Bolton or Thrift Queen Lola, you’ll know that an old tablecloth can create pure magic! Do not be afraid to get creative with some unused fabrics you have at home. The good thing about festival season is that it is all about being creative so that you can feel just as part of the fun as everyone without the hefty carbon footprint.

You don’t need to miss out on anything this season; remember, there are so many ways to use what you have in your wardrobes to serve you! Sustainability has never been so fun.

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