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Eden Reforestation

Starting From Scratch; One Seeding at a Time

July 22, 2022

Eden Reforestation has returned to Ethiopia, where their mission started. They have located 10,000 hectares in the Dwaro zone that need reforestation. So over the next year, your money will be used to help launch eight project sites, using Eden’s Employ to Plant methodology to help ensure long-term protection & preservation.

In March 2019, a cyclone hit Mozambique, and many locals lost their homes, their jobs & their means of provision. Zito Eusebio Mulia was impacted by this & knew he had to do something to rebuild. In October 2020, Zito started working with Eden as a planter to repair the damage caused to the shoreline.

Since joining Eden, Zito has helped plant 1.4 million trees at the Rio Maria site & is building a new home for his family. Zito said, “The challenges of rebuilding our homes and the environment have been constant; however, the will to work is greater,”.

This is part of why we love our partnership with Eden, they not only help rebuild environments, but they help give people a sense of empowerment to rebuild their own lives. We are so proud to know that when people offset through Yayzy, they actively save the planet! Remember, when you offset through the Yayzy Climate Portfolio you are contributing to the goal of planting a minimum of 4 billion trees by 2024 (and the long-term goal of planting over 50 billion by 2030).

The power is in your hands - let's make this happen!

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