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Being a purpose-driven tech startup

August 5, 2021

What does it mean to be a purpose-driven company? It means your business takes action on something much bigger than its products & services & you are striving to create solutions to issues facing people &/or the planet. Ultimately, your business wants to make a long-lasting, positive difference.

Being a purpose-driven startup is great. We are on a mission to make the world a much better place.

The world is evolving. People are seeking out fulfillment within their careers and want to align with businesses that are having a positive impact on the environment.

Yayzy’s overall mission is to put climate action into the hands of over a billion people. We know that the more of us that join this mission, the easier it will become to overcome some of the challenges facing our planet.

Keeping our purpose, our mission & our vision at the forefront of minds has kept our team grounded.

Here are some key things that guide how we approach our purpose-driven startup:

Our fight against climate change:

We say this a lot, but climate change is real & if you have been following the news over the past couple of weeks, you will see how things like wildfires & floods have been devastating so many countries across the world. So when the idea came about to set up Yayzy, the founders were considering a couple major things; ‘how can we help people create REAL change, in REAL time?’. ‘How can we empower people to understand more about their personal impact?’. As we often say — this is a mission.

Community plays a big part in helping people to grow, connect with other like-minded individuals & to create positive impact. Our weekly podcast, The A-yayzy of sustainability, has been an excellent way for us to have very open & honest conversations about the realities of sustainable living.

Our desire to build a positive & motivating work culture:

In an article that we put out quite recently, we spoke about ethics in the workplace. It is essential that businesses thoroughly understand the type of culture that have set up. We speak so much about our love and passion for the environment, for animals but very often people forget to extend that courtesy to the very humans that they relate with.

How can you start to build a better work culture?

  • Respect everyone: Remember that everyone plays a part in a big picture & respect makes people feel valued.
  • Diversity & Inclusion is key: Building a team full of different people, from different walks of life is great. It helps boost innovation, employee engagement & shows your company is open to seeing people represented.
  • Communicate your values and live them out too: This is not just about saying this & that, you must live your values out too. If you make claims to be supportive then make sure there are systems in places to help support your staff. Be doers of your word.

Thinking about the future for our future:

The conversations about sustainability isn’t for a particular type of person. We must remember that the world is ours, collectiovely. The more we look after it, the better is for us all. Many of us have families, children, cousins, nieces & nephews — this is enough motivation for us to do what we can in our time so that they can enjoy the future & preserve nature.

Being doers, not just talkers:

We have all heard the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’. It is one thing to make claims that you stand for all these positive things & it is a whole other thing to be active. It is so important to us at Yayzy that we are living out our values. We know the importance of the mission we have and we will continue to do what we can to bring this vision to life.

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