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Christmas Countdown | 25 days of Climate Action Cheer

December 1, 2021

December is here! 2021 is coming to a wrap, and humans far and wide have entered ‘reflective mode’.

We want to introduce 25 days of Climate Action Cheer and push Planet Pride right through to Christmas (and beyond). So join us every day on Instagram to see our suggestions for each day. But, for now, you can take control of your Climate Action Cheer calendar by taking note of the examples below.

Here is an example of five days of planet pride:

Day 1:

  • Pick up some rubbish in your local area: This can be a solo activity or something you do with family or friends! Either way, it is a great way to show planet pride.
  • Go for a walk in nature: Never underestimate the value of fresh air! Get up and get out — enjoy a stroll in the local park and get those steps in.

Day 2:

  • Take some time out to research home-made cleaners and schedule time to make them: So many products we use are toxic; they aren’t good for the planet or your health! Time for the switch up.
  • Unplug devices from the wall that are not in use: Did you know that even if the product isnt in use, it still uses energy. Save money and save the planet — win win!

Day 3:

  • Have a meat-free meal from a local takeaway or at home: Ditch the steak and get those greens in! With amazing alternatives available like THIS and All Plants you are in for a great treat.
  • Follow ten positive accounts on social media: The things you consume have a huge impact on your mindset and your behaviour. If you fill your timeline with positive the chances are you’ll radiate it too!

Day 4:

  • Research an animal that’s going extinct and find out more so you can show support: Education gives you power and with power you can make real change.
  • Don’t turn the lights on unless you need them. Use natural light (p.s natural light does wonders for your mood)

Day 5:

  • Take a shorter shower: Don’t waste water by singing a full Adele album whilist in the shower. Cut the time down and save some water.
  • Find out your carbon footprint by downloading Yayzy and linking your bank account(s). *winkwink*

Here are some other things to add to your schedule:

Reuse: if you find some scrap or material that could just go to waste, find something to do with it. This could be perfect for a rainy day full of arts and crafts for you or your kids (if you have any)

Rain: It is winter time here in the UK, and we see way more rain than sunshine. Collect rainwater from outside in a small-sized pot and use it to water plants. You’re saving water, and it can oddly be quite fun.

Educate: There is nothing better than empowering yourself to learn something new! Read some articles about climate change and climate action on the Yayzy app medium blog.

Change: Check what lightbulbs you’re using at present and if they aren’t the eco-friendly option, get rid of them! Change your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones.

Commute: Is your place of work a walking or biking distance? If the answer is yes, you know what is coming next. Walk or bike to work (if you can’t try a less carbon-intensive method of travel)

Energy: Save energy by unplugging devices from the wall that are not in use.

Bye: Wave goodbye to unwanted mail. Go through your mail and unsubscribe from unwanted stuff, especially things that entice you to buy things you don’t need. This includes emails and post.

Share: You have heard the saying, ‘sharing is caring’. So share something with a friend or borrow something.

Support: This is the perfect time to show some love to a local eco-friendly business (only if you need to buy something)

Hydrate: Stay hydrated the eco-friendly way and make sure you switch to using a water bottle

Grow: You can become your own crop shop in no time! Grow your own herbs at home; there are several shops that sell the likes of basil and thyme.

Waste Not: Have you ever considered visiting a zero-waste store for your food shopping. If this is within your reach, try it out. You could be making a great move for the planet.

Toilet: Keep the carbon footprint of your bathroom down by buying recycled toilet paper

Nature: Support local birds by putting up a birdseed bird feeder.

Animals: Do you have a cat? If so, you should consider switching to using sustainable litter.

We hope you join us on this 25-day challenge, as we seek to mark the season by being kinder to our planet.

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