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Five Eco-Friendly, Green Activities To Do This Summer

June 23, 2021

After two weeks of sunshine, the rain on my window feels foreign. It feels like summer in Britain is always interspaced with miserable weather that makes you appreciate the hot days more.

In summer, it becomes easier to find reasons to be outside. Yet, for someone trying to be more eco-conscious, it can sometimes feel challenging to come up with activities that don’t hurt your wallet or the planet.

Here are five ideas for things you could get up to this summer:

  1. Grow vegetables

One of the greatest achievements of my life so far has been keeping an ivy plant alive for almost two years. Once you’re a plant parent, the next natural step is either food.

You might think that you’ve missed the boat this year, but it’s not too late! French, runner and broad beans, peas, squash and sweetcorn can still be planted in June.

Courgettes are one of my favourites to grow. Rummaging through the leaves and seeing how big they are is a great way to boost your mood. Radishes are a great one to start with as they require minimum effort and taste so much better than those you get at the supermarket. You can also grow them indoors by a sunny window, which makes them perfect for flats. You’ll soon find yourself overrun with radishes and converting your flatmates and neighbours to their delights.

2. Head to a Pick-Your-Own Farm

Whilst some may say you’re too old to sneakily eat a few dozen strawberries on your way around the fields, you’ll never be too old to pick veg and fruit. ‘Pick Your Own’ farms offer an opportunity to pick veg without having to think about what you want to plant ahead of time. Your trip could turn into an Instagram shoot if you find a pretty field, or you could play hide-and-seek amongst the beans or blackberries. Either way, you’ll end up with punnets of fruit and veg at the end that will disappear from your kitchen in days and memories of an afternoon well spent.

3. Go for a Bike Ride

Cycling may seem basic and boring at first glance, but once you’ve found some routes online, you may see your local area from a new angle. If you want to go further afield, you get to discover new places. Downloading a tracking app can sometimes be even better, as you can share the success of your pedalling power with friends and family with metric evidence of your success.

4. Volunteer at a Nature Reserve

Volunteering can often be a rewarding experience. It can also be an amazing way to meet cool people who have similar interests to you or do something productive and enjoyable with your friends and family.

There are various tasks nature reserves can ask you to do, but they’ll always give you advice and teach you how to do it. You may even pick up some interesting facts and stories that will make you chuckle when you think of them, and your friends roar with laughter.

5. Charity Shop Hunting

Charity shops are great for you, the charities, and the environment. The last year has led to many people clearing out their closets, so there’s plenty of gems to find.

If you know anyone who loves charity shopping, invite them to join you. They’ll teach you their tricks, and I always find a second opinion on outfits to be useful. They might spot a slight blemish that you haven’t seen or have ideas for how to upcycle it.

Who said having fun can’t be green?!

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