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Five Ways To Live A More Green, Eco-Friendly Life On A Budget

August 24, 2021

There are so many people who want to take a bold step towards being more sustainable. As a world, we realise that we need to act now! Businesses are being forced to review the way they work, and brands are looking into things like the material they use in their products.

All this being said, living a more eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always easy because accessibility isn’t the same for everyone. There are so many different things that can impact this, from the area you live in, how much you make, your cultural values, how many dependents you have, and the list goes on.

We believe that every positive step made is a step to acknowledge. We are all on different chapters and have different things to consider, so as long as we act & those actions are positive, then we work towards the same goal of living more planet proud lifestyles.

Money is always an interesting topic. The access we have to it can determine so much for us all. However, it need not be a major hindrance to your desire to be more conscious of your choices.

Here are five ways you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle on a budget:

Food Prep: Have you ever heard the saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’? It can be true even when it comes to things like our food. Food prepping will save you so much money and will help you avoid doing things like ordering food.

You reap what you sow! If you put in the time to plan, write up a shopping list, recipes etc., you are more likely to stick to your budget and also get a good meal at the end of it. (If you’re not the greatest cook, remember practice makes perfect — keep going)

Pinterest & Youtube are great tools to get those creative juices flowing! They will help you get excited about cooking. You can look up anything you like and curate your search to your own taste and needs, whether that is ‘quick and easy meals’ or ‘vegan options’!

Bags or Boxes — the choice is yours: Saving money is great! It is so important to remember that every single penny counts. This is a recommendation often given by every sustainability platform globally, but it honestly makes a difference. Take your bag. If you’re planning to do a big shop, take enough tote bags to carry what you aim to buy (if you plan what you want to buy as advised above, you can gauge how many bags you need).

Another alternative is to put a couple of boxes in the boot of your car. (We know some people need to drive to do a bulk shop or live too far to walk, this tip is for you.) If you use a trolley, you can load your items into the boxes directly. This will save you from needing to take any bags at all.

One cleaning product will do: When you enter your local home stores, you’ll see an aisle full of all kinds of products. There are cleaning products for everything! From window cleaners to bathroom cleaners to kitchen surface cleaners — it can be so overwhelming. Do not buy into it. Most of the time, one cleaner will do.

All you need is to get one eco-friendly multipurpose cleaner from brands like Spruce, Blueland and Ecover.

Waste Less, Pay Less: You can save £££ on your bills by cutting back on your waste. If you leave the light on or run the tap, this is your cue to stop! Switch off the lights when not in use, only have the tap on when using it and avoid general water waste.

A great tip is to wash your clothes on 30 or run a cold wash. People don’t release that a lot of the energy used by washing machines comes from heating the water. If you use a decent eco-friendly detergent, it will all wash properly.

Walking & Cycling are game-changers: Not only are these options great for your health but you’ll save so much on train fares, buses and petrol costs. Walking is free and has a carbon footprint of zero! Try to leave home a little earlier for longer trips and enjoy the walk.

If you have a need for speed, then the bicycle could be the one for you. They are worth the investment. Check out apps like Shpock & Gumtree for great second-hand deals.

Another bonus tip is to download Yayzy! You can learn how to cut back on your expenditure by seeing what things have a larger carbon footprint attached to it. It is your eco-friendly conscious conscience!

We hope these suggestions are helpful & can gear you towards monitoring your outgoings whilst living a planet proud life.

Remember, every single positive step matters.

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