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Eden Reforestation Project - Lamu, Kenya

'From Destruction to Restoration' - April Project Updates

April 29, 2022

Through the Yayzy Climate Portfolio and subscriptions, our community contributes to multiple reforestation projects, and we wanted to share some progress with you.

Our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects is helping to restore trees along the coast of Lamu, Kenya, an area that has experienced mass destruction of mangrove forests due to them being harvested for charcoal production.

A team leader, Shaffi, has been so delighted to see the progress of the reforestation and said, “ we have seen the destruction and now are part of the restoration”. As a result, people in the area can earn a living, the joblessness amongst the youth has decreased, and they are working to bring back the mangroves to their natural space.

This can also be seen in areas like Madagascar where the cooperation of locals is helping the regrowth and transformation of the Mangrove Forests. They have experienced significant progress in this area and the community continues to see a boost in opportunities supporting economic self-sufficiency.

You can watch a video of their progress here

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