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It takes a village to raise a forest

June 21, 2022

Our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects is helping to restore and protect forests in 8 countries around the world.

Through the Yayzy Climate portfolio, you can contribute towards the objective of planting a minimum of 4 billion trees by 2024 and the long term-goal of +50 billion trees by 2030.

In 2021, Eden doubled the number of yearly trees planted, reaching the incredible milestone of +358M trees across all the project sites and onboarding 100 new projects to a total of 243.

So far, more than 11.5k local community members have been empowered with fair wages, employing approximately 50% women. Quoting Natahsa Karr, Eden's Director of Americas: "As we launched projects in new regions across Haiti, Central America, and Brazil, our vision was instilled in new leaders and communities who made our work thrive in 2021. It has been so inspiring to see our teams organize the logistics of building nurseries from the ground up, training teams in the field, and implementing monitoring systems. Even in the face of parching drought, earthquakes, and wildfires our teams consistently step up to the plate with solutions and determination to plant millions of trees. Failure is not really an option with the work we do, and our teams take ownership of figuring out how to make their goals happen."

As we reach out to more people, we want transparency and accountability to be at the core of our strategy. In order to do so, we are sharing frequent updates about the projects we support. For example, we will be reporting the great progress seen at our friends at Eden, touching on factors like hectares protected, planted and restored, number of trees planted, the survival rate of trees planted, or increase in canopy cover & measured through remote sensing and high-resolution imagery. We also aim to report back on socio-economic and community impact by sharing metrics like: improved access to water, nutrition education and health services, equal employment for women, increase wages and household income, or increased micro-enterprises planned and created.

So please take a look at the projects in our Impact Shop if you haven't done so yet, and join Yayzy and Eden on this journey to achieve this ambitious goal!

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