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Tech For Good | Robotic Beehives May Be The Solution To Saving Bees

September 21, 2021

Who doesn’t love to see technology being used to help our planet and protect our ecosystems?

Unfortunately, there has been a significant decline in the number of bees in the world. Things like climate change, pests, pesticides, and intensive agriculture are to blame for this. For so long, businesses have been working on ways to slow down mass colony collapse; sensors on wooden beehives and artificial pollination have been trialled to combat this loss.

Beewise, an Israeli startup, has developed a robotic beehive! The hive is said to be the size of a cargo trailer and can house up to 24 colonies — looking after roughly 2 million bees. This machine technology is truly outstanding, equipped with a robotic arm. Beewise’s new technology can scan stacks of honeycomb for diseases, monitor them for pesticides, and report any real-time hazards that may threaten the colony.

“Anything a beekeeper would do, the robotic mechanism can mimic and do it more effectively without ever getting tired, without going on vacation and without complaining,” said Saar Safra, Beehives CEO

It must be mentioned that in addition to the attributes listed above, this beehive can harvest honey, apply medication and combine or split hives.

With over $40 million raised from private investors, Beehive are taking their technology all over the globe — starting with Israel and the United States.

The world needs bees; hopefully, this is the beginning of long-lasting change.

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