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Ten of the Best Organic Food Delivery Services in the UK

September 16, 2021

Are you at a stage in your life where you just want good, fresh & organic produce? Since the pandemic, more & more people are becoming health-conscious, making them think twice about the type of food they are consuming.

If you live in a busy city or town, you will know that it isn’t always easy to prioritise good food. This is why the introduction of these organic focused food delivery boxes are incredible — they help you get the good stuff straight to your doorstep.

Here are the top ten organic food delivery boxes available:

Abel & Cole Organic Veg Box


Abel and Cole is a brand that is committed to improving their environmental impact and using business as a force for good. Abel and Cole are ‘Certified Organic’ by the Soil Association and will collect and recycle the reusable packaging from your last order when dropping off your next order. Committed to making sustainable eating available for everyone, Abel and Cole also provide meat-free only meal kits with a significantly lower carbon footprint than equivalent meat dishes, emitting 63% less carbon on average.

Riverford Organic Veg Box


Riverford is an organic food supplier working with several small-scale organic family farms. Their organic veg boxes are popular for the delicious seasonal selection and the choice between size and contents. Certified 100% Organic by the Soil Association, all packaging is 100% compostable which can be done at home or sent back to Riverford. There are also options for packaging-free boxes, and this switch saves 21 tonnes of plastic per year! If you want to know more about where your veg box is coming from, there are top-up boxes of fruit, salad and meat provided as options, allowing you to fill your fridge with more organic, farm-grown food.

Farm Drop


Farm Drop is an online grocer providing farm-to-table foods for consumers in Greater London and surrounding counties. Order online, and your delivery will arrive the next day in an electric van. Farm Drop has a network of environmentally and socially responsible farmers, providing seasonal and local produce. On top of stocking organic fresh vegetables, local farm produce and catches from small-scale fisheries, you will also find ethically sourced household, pet and baby products on their easy to use the website.

Crop Drop


Haringey’s local organic fruit & veg box scheme delivers a weekly bag of fresh vegetables sourced as locally as possible. Crop Drop is a not-for-profit organisation working with the local community for people, not profit. They say that ‘Thinking globally and acting locally’ is at the heart of what Crop Drop do — Working with organic, climate-friendly farmers who adhere to the Crop Drop principles of shorter supply chains, climate-friendly farming and community focus.



Rescue delicious ‘odd’ vegetables from going to waste with Oddbox. They take the misshapen vegetables from farmers providing supermarkets and save them from going to waste. Whether the produce is too large or too small, or simply ‘ugly,’ the only real difference it bears to the supermarket alternative is its appearance. Choose from a selection of Veg, Fruit or a mix of the two, and have it delivered for free once every week or fortnight. The drawback to this box is the surprise element — week to week and seasonally, the food going to waste from farms changes, so you may not be able to plan your meals in advance. But users of Oddbox are guaranteed to get a mix of farm-fresh, seasonal fruit & veg in every order — (no boxes full of potatoes).



PiktFresh are committed to their certifications — providing only Soil Association Organic products, managing to have zero plastic in their boxes as certified by the Plastic Free Trust, and holding themselves accountable as a B Corp Organisation. Choose what goes in your veg box or buy a ready-made one full of generous portions of fruit and veg, with options to choose veg, salad or fruit, or a mix of all three. Also available are the clever prep boxes — for your kitchen, bar or workplace. These boxes open up and transform into a fruit and vegetable dispensary full of organic ingredients and snacks. And if you prefer to drink your veg, you can buy a juicer box which includes tasty citruses, dark green iron-rich leaves and zingy additions like ginger and pineapple.

Share Fresh


Organic fruit & Veg Boxes. For every five boxes bought, they donate one. Thus, 20% of each sale goes back into a fund that is used to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to those who, for whatever reason, can’t access them, helping them to eat well and feel good. The boxes are filled with different veg each week! For example, suppose you feel like using your ripe seasonal tomatoes in a pasta sauce. In that case, you can conveniently pick up organic pasta and olive oil among a good selection of other cupboard essentials.



Eversfield allows you to build your own box of organic produce or order a pre-prepared selection. One of the things they do best are Soil Association Certified meat boxes featuring their own grass-fed Devon beef, among other cuts and varieties. Working with the Rare Breed Survival Trust, Eversfield’s Farm prioritises re-wilding and quality food. Operating from 2002, the range available for delivery now includes almost everything you’d need for your weekly household grocery shop, including organic fruit, vegetables, dairy, charcuterie, larder produce, vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives, and wild fish.



A Plant-based option for the veggies and vegans among us, this is not a subscription service; instead, you choose everything, and it is delivered to you with recyclable packaging and zero single-use plastic. Pick your own from a seasonal selection of fruits, veggies, salads, herbs & cupboard essentials. Boxxfresh wants to help you change the way you think about food by making vegetables the main event, reducing waste, and making plastic-free the norm. They believe the benefits to your health and the planet are endless, and we agree. They have lots of delicious recipe suggestions on their website, so you won’t be stuck when your box of fresh vegetables shows up on your doorstep.

Wonky Veg Boxes


Wonky Veg Boxes do what they say on the tin — by buying one, you can rescue unwanted veg from going to waste and adding to the problem we have with food waste in the UK. With great taste and less waste, you can do your bit for the planet, the food and farming industry and your health! Unfortunately, up to 40% of a crop of vegetables can go to waste due to not fitting the supermarket’s aesthetic requirements. By prioritising locally sourced and seasonal produce, Wonky Veg help reduce waste. Don’t worry, though — if you’re not a beetroot fan, you can let Wonky Veg Boxes know, and they will exclude them from your box. Wonky Veg also delivers Fruit boxes and add-ons of bread and eggs. All sourced and baked with sustainability in mind — extra bread from the bakery is sent to a local brewery to make beer! They really have thought of everything.

There you have it! Ten amazing organic food delivery options — why don’t you try one of them to today?

If you have any suggestions or any other services we should check out, let me know

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