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The Best Sustainability Podcast

September 20, 2021

Are you passionate about sustainable living?

Would you like to find out more about businesses and people that are sustainability champions?

Are you keen to learn more about eco-friendly living but don’t know where to start?

Do you like passion-filled, engaging podcasts that are easy to listen to on the go or whilst working?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of those questions, then The A-yayZy of Sustainability is for you!

Every week we release a new episode with a special guest that we recognise as doing wonderful things in this space & for the planet.

Our podcast is a great way to stay updated about some of the important things happening in the sustainable, eco-friendly space. Our intention for this platform is, to be honest about our experiences & openly speak about how to tackle some of the challenges we face.

This podcast is beneficial to people navigating green living because we don’t sugarcoat anything! We know it isn’t always easy, so our platform is a judgment-free space that encourages you to continue playing your part & provides you with practical ways to do so.

There truly is power in conversation, and we recognise this.

Here is a full breakdown of the episodes available to listen to:

#1 The Three ‘Y’s Men — a conversation with the brains behind the Yayzy app, Mankaran, Cris & Pedro. In this conversation, we talk to them more about their journey to date, their passion for sustainability & why they believe it should be easier to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Listen to episode 1

#2 Is Sustainable Living Just For The Rich — In this episode, we are joined by Charlotte Jessop, the founder of ‘Looking After Your Pennies. It is an online space designed to give people top advice on saving money, making money and eco-friendly living.

In this episode, we discuss finances, its link to sustainability, & how we can adopt better practices to ensure we are conscious about our expenditure & where our money goes.

Listen to episode 2

#3 Keep It Green, Keep It Clean — Episode 3 is with the one and only superstar Clean Kitchen Club founder, Mikey Pearce. Clean Kitchen is a vegan restaurant with five sites across London. They are making a wave in the industry by making vegan food tasty, accessible & sustainable. They introduced a new initiative earlier this year so that for every meal sold, a tree is planted in Ghana, as they have plans to grow a clean forest!

Listen to episode 3

#4 Never Undermine The Power Of Taking Baby Steps — We were joined by the awesome Ben Caspary, who was is the founder of BooHeads. They sell bamboo, biodegradable & sustainable electric toothbrush heads! Brilliant brand.

In this episode, we lay it all down; we talk about the realities of building a sustainable business & things that companies & people can do to be better. We understand that we need to take things day by day, and both believe we should never undermine the power of taking baby steps!

Listen to episode 4

#5 I Feel ‘Oh So’ Eco-Guilty — In episode 5 we are joined by the one and only, Rosemary Randall.

Rosemary is the co-founder of the Carbon Conversations project. She is a psychoanalytically trained psychologist and has been active in the environmental space since her 20s. Rosemary is passionate about seeing our habits and behaviours towards the planet change. In this episode, we discuss eco-guilt & why many of us feel that huge burden.

Listen to episode 5

#6 My Clothes Have A Story — The awesome Aimée Lopez joined us to discuss vintage fashion. Aimée has worked within the fashion industry for many years & her passion for sustainability is second to none.

We explored our attitudes towards fashion, the misconceptions about thrifting, & essential things to look out for if you’re interested in exploring more.

Listen to episode 6

#7 Rethink What Is Under Your Sink — We were joined by Loïs Mills, the Head of Brand, Content & Community at Homethings.

We discussed an array of things from shipping water to greenwashing to single-use plastic cleaning products & shone a light on the amazing work Homethings are doing to make the cleaning space more sustainable.

Listen to episode 7

#8 Just Another Tee? | Carbon Neutral Fashion — We are joined by the awesome Elliott Starr, the co-creator of Another Tee — the most sustainable t-shirt in the world!

In this episode, we discuss consumer behaviour, brand responsibility and the future of fashion.

Listen to episode 8

#9 Green Living Doesn’t Have To Literally Be Green — In episode 9, we connected with a dynamic mother and daughter duo, Inet & Kaylyn. These two founded Blazon Cosmetics, an eco-friendly sustainable cosmetic range.

We discuss attitudes to sustainability in South Africa, the importance of understanding what is inside your shampoo & how to step out by being a gamechanger in your field.

Listen To Episode 9

#10 The Circular Economy — In episode 10, we spoke to Fred Dahlmann, the Associate Professor of Strategy & Sustainability at Warwick Business School.

It was an extremely educational and insightful conversation about the circular economy, why businesses need to incorporate it in their considerations and strategies & how we as a people can play our part by adopting the model.

Listen to episode 10

#11 Keeping Sustainability At The Core Of Business — Francesco, the co-founder of Nopla, joined us to discuss running a business that keeps sustainability at the core.

In this episode, we explored what it takes to run an eco-friendly business, the tough decisions business owners have to make, and the importance of staying true to your values.

Nopla is an incredible brand that creates wonderful everyday products that can become a funky addition to your sustainable living.

Listen to episode 11

Here are an array of fantastic episodes for you to get stuck into!

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