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The Green Room by yayzy

July 2, 2021

Four People.

One Room.

Sustainability On The Agenda.

There is something extremely powerful about having conversations. Our calling with Yayzy is to help real people become better. People that are seeking to be mindful about how their behaviours/activities affect the environment. We also know that everyone is on different chapters, & whilst one person may champion sustainability in one area, they may battle with it in another.

The Green Room is a space of openness & transparency. We want to bridge the gap by bringing an interesting variety of people from different walks of life together to find out the ‘whys’ & the ‘whats’ behind who they are as individuals. This helps us all gain further understanding of the kind of things that make us care & the things that hold us back.

This episode is a pilot run; we will be coming back with some more Green Room content, so stay tuned!

Make sure you connect with us on socials @yayzyapp & feel free to drop us a line


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