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Why Climate Action, Why Now?

May 27, 2021

This week alone, I have had a conversation about the weather at least five times. We are at the tail-end of May, yet the sun seems to be hiding from us. It is always so comical to watch people moan about it because the truth is, this has everything to do with climate change.

It isn’t just the weather. It’s the rising sea levels. It’s the constant threat it poses to wildlife — the list is endless. The unfortunate thing about climate change is that it has a lot to do with human activity.

I once heard a metaphor about climate change that stuck with me. Imagine there is this huge dinner party, hundreds of people are in attendance, everyone is having a great time, eating, drinking & socialising. Then, a waiter comes along & hands each person a bill. Everyone is outraged & they all start complaining about it. The waiters are staring at everyone, confused. It was fine when it came to whining and dining, but it is an issue the moment they need to part with their money.

This can be our attitude towards climate change.

‘It isn’t my fault.’

‘I only had a couple of sandwiches….’

The fact is every action matters.

Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 people worldwide live in places with severe water scarcity. Let us now consider climate change & the increase in global temperatures. This could mean a fundamental destabilisation to the water cycle, making an already bad situation even worse.

Then we have wildlife. The impact climate change is having on places like rainforests is very serious. Did you know that the Amazon is home to 1 in 10 of ALL the known species in the world? Alas, a third of the Amazon rainforest has already faced a real threat from climate change, meaning a considerable part of our wildlife are losing their homes. Forest destruction remains one of the significant causes of climate change & it generates a scarily high amount of greenhouse emissions.

Many people are scared to shake up their lifestyles. I get it. We have our comforts; however, this issue is pressing. Most of us don’t realise that the impact goes beyond affecting things like the weather, the coral reefs & the rainforest. Our lives would take a different shape. There would be fewer opportunities to see & experience the world in its natural state & prices of several things would go up, especially things like food.

This PSA isn’t here to throw you into a state of panic or to reignite any fears you have about your future. We need to know. It is like the dinner party analogy I used earlier, had the people understood the prices up front, perhaps they would have only ordered what they needed…

Our planet is fantastic. The beauty goes beyond anything we could ever know & the diversity we have is one to be celebrated. We don’t want to compromise its beauty.

This is why YAYZY are trying to meet people where they are. We recognise that it isn’t easy to just dive into it, hence why our app is designed to help you be more mindful. We know for many of us, our phones are everything, so why not have climate action at our fingertips?

Remember, one step is better than no step.

Our planet needs us.

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