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You Are Part of a $1 Billion Carbon Removal Project!

May 27, 2022

We are so honoured to be supporting the Frontier Fund, which is backing several carbon removal projects. In order to reach net-zero, innovation is crucial & a combination of efforts in both replacements and carbon removal must be explored.

When you offset through the Stripe portfolio, you are supporting early stage startups engaged in carbon removal and carbon capture by leveraging new approaches like direct air capture, carbon concrete, electrochemistry, Mineralization, ocean kelp or crushed rocks. The focus of the fund is to scale the availability of these new solutions. It evaluates potential on these criteria (among others): permanence; how big of a footprint a particular technology requires; how much capacity the solution actually offers; whether it results in a net negative result and can be verified as such; and the environmental justice impact. What a fantastic thing to be a part of!

The startups on this fund are 44.01, ebb carbon, Eion, Sustaera, Seachange, RunningTide, Heilroom, Mission Zero, CarbonBuilt & the future forest company.

This fund is supported by Stripe, Shopify, Alphabet, Meta, McKinsey, and others, who collectively have committed +$1B to the development of these new technologies. For the first time, individuals can also contribute to this fund by offsetting their footprint with Yayzy.

Another amazing update comes from Eden Reforestation, who are seeing massive progress in Nepal. The nursery beds are beginning to sprout with thousands of seedlings that will soon be ready to transfer out into the field. Nepal has been negatively impacted by deforestation and only has 30% of its forest left; this project will help restore forests that over 20 endangered mammal species call home.

Every month your money is helping to back new innovation in this space and is restoring places impacted by climate change.

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